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標題: 如何理解和給空鳳澆水---轉國外的養殖經驗 [打印本頁]

作者: xiaowo5.18    時間: 2009-11-20 18:46     標題: 如何理解和給空鳳澆水---轉國外的養殖經驗

Watering Tillandsias Indoors is a little more critical than outdoors because one generally cannot use a hose so the watering has to be more precise. The most common mistreatment of tillys indoors, unintentional though it may be, is to under water them. Misting the plants CAN be sufficient but it can also be OVER-sufficient or UNDER sufficient. The plants can look dry but actually remain moist in the crucial center area, in the meristematic tissue where new cells are produced. If this area remains too moist for too long the plant may rot. Likewise, one can mist the plants regularly but, in the end, it isn't enough to prevent a gradual dehydration that normally manifests itself with the edges of the leaves curling up and "pinching."

給空鳳澆水, 室內的要求要比室外的更嚴格(我們現在的全是室內的,室外屬野生的),因為人們通常無法使用軟管澆水,因此,必須更加準確。常見的錯誤會發生就是在室內的養殖中,(這裡指澆水)。人們通常會噴水到植物上, 但這樣做可能會使邊上的葉子已經干了,但中心的葉子還處在潮濕當中, 要注意的是,中心的葉子是要產生新的植物細胞的, 如果太長時間處在潮濕狀態可能會腐爛植物.同樣, 噴水的弊端可以帶來空鳳周邊的葉子因為得不到足夠的水份而無法進行氫氧化合反應.這時周邊的葉尖會明顯的緊縮.

The most secure way to water the plants indoors is to submerge them for a twelve hour period in "good" water, that is, water that is low in dissolved solids and salts. Rain water and bottled drinking water are the best. When the plants are under water for this length of time they have enough water availability for a long enough period of time to completely rehydrate. A soaking in this manner should suffice for ten days to two weeks in average conditions. If a mounting item is too big to submerge, attaching a velcro dot to the plant and the mounting item allows the plant to be easily removed so that it can be rehydrated. Finally, if this just isn't practical or possible, mist the plants with "good" water and try to monitor the state of hydration as best you can. Once you have the right system down that works in your given situation, watering is a breeze.

最安全的為室內的空鳳澆水就是把它們放到「良好」的水裡淹12個小時.低溶解固體和鹽的水就可以。雨水和瓶裝飲用水是最好的。當植物被泡到水裡這麼長的時間,他們就有足夠的水分來供應給空鳳在未來很長段時間的氫氧化合反應.。浸泡應在平均每十天到兩個星期進行。如果被淹泡的植物太大, 就在上面系一條尼龍扣以便可以方便的拿出來(這主要是對擔心傷害到空鳳的葉子說的,別忘記空鳳是觀葉的植物,)。最後,如果這不切合實際或不可能的,就用好點的水噴霧到植物上並觀察空鳳的水和作用(即是否有中心葉子能夠在較短的時間內吸收水份),一但你掌握的這件事,給空鳳澆水就是小菜一碟。

One last note. If the plants are soaked, you can put water in a container that has a lid to prevent evaporation. This water can then be used over and over for your soakings. A small pinch of Epiphyte's Delight fertilizer in the water helps as well and it lasts indefinitely. Shake or jostle the container prior to putting the plants in, in order to remix the fertilizer evenly throughout the water. Also, as the water gets used, more can be added to keep the container full enough to submerge the plants completely.

最後, 當你的空鳳被淹泡過後. 可以把多餘的水儲存到一個有蓋子的容器裡以防止蒸發. 這些水可以反覆的使用(我們不比擔心使用瓶裝飲用水帶來的浪費,可以反覆只用!) 如果水中有些真菌是會幫助水保持一個更好的狀態(不必擔心水中的真菌!它對空鳳有好處) 空鳳泡水以前把容器裡搖一下,以致那些真菌會作為肥料來營養空鳳. 當容器裡的水不滿時可以在填滿, 這樣空鳳可以完全的被泡到水裡.

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